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In the right place at the right time

Speed and time are two important aspects of current
professional life. More and more people are promising
fast deliveries. Onspot makes it easier for you to
keep your promises.

Take a load off your mind
Fact - schedules and time tables are vulnerable to
the human factor and the weather. Fact – it is important
to meet delivery deadlines. These facts that are a constant
source of anxiety. Onspot helps to alleviate youranxieties,
those of your drivers and your customers. It gets the delivery        
to its destination on time. It helps keep your customers
satisfied. It enhances your reliability in their eyes.
And it takes a load off your mind.


Vehicle bracket kit for Isuzu

Plate suspension
Vehicle bracket kit: 56-255500
Onspot kit: 56-320000
Wheel kit: 170
Fits vehicles with tyre dimension
11R 22,5" or larger.


Onspot - Automatic Traction Control System (ATC)

Onspot is a very simple concept which can be activated during shorter periods in a preventive
When the road becomes icy and slippery, all the driver needs to do is press a button in
his cab, and Onspot is activated
Onspot can be used when starting the engine, when braking and
when going up and downhill. Activation is possible at speeds of up to 50 km/h.