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Safe with Onspot

With Onspot our drivers feel safe when they have to use minor roads.

Johan Ericsson is vehicle manager of the Post Office Carrier Service in Trollhättan, Sweden, with close on sixty vehicles in his depot:

"We have tight deadlines and there is always someone waiting for what we deliver, so it’s obvious that we have to make sure that the vehicles have a chance of getting through on time, and safely.
This is why we fit Onspot to most of our vehicles – many of them spend a lot of time on minor roads that are covered with tightly packed snow, and these can soon become an ice rink. You’d need an enormous amount of luck every time you went out on winter roads if you didn’t have Onspot to help you through."

Rock´n roll on the road!

You must have seen their sturdy black vehicle on the roadsides - covering 10,000 miles a year and continually getting record attendance figures, Rydell & Quick's high-octane rock show makes them Sweden's most popular road show performers. Band leaders Christer Rydell and Malin Quick each drive their own Harley-Davidson between gigs, weather permitting, but sometimes they'll sit behind the wheel of the Volvo tractor unit as well.

It’s now one year since they fitted Onspot to the band’s tractor unit. Christer Rydell is very pleased with the decision:
"We are out touring a lot in the mountains during the winter, and you never know what sort of road conditions are waiting for you. Nowadays we manage with Onspot a good eight times out of ten, and we only use the snow chains when the weather gets really bad."
Christer and Malin deliberately keep a low profile and avoid all the celebrity hype.
"We want to play rock and roll and ride our bikes, not sit there crocheting pot-holders in the weeklies," says Christer, as he tells us that both a DVD and CD are going to be released this autumn.